SUN Survey Seeks Responses to Questions They Already Know Answers To

new SUN surveyIn its latest survey, SUN looks to gather data regarding the opinions of Stapleton residents concerning the Eastbridge Town Center, mosquito control, high school programming, parks, and other retail development. For most of these questions, the answers are pretty obvious according to resident John Weber. “No King Soopers, kill all the mosquitoes, don’t care about innovative status–just build the high school, and more baseball fields and basketball courts. It’s pretty simple, and I am guessing 90% of the residents here agree with me.” In fact, most residents do agree with Weber, but some are concerned with the fairness of the phrasing of the questions. “As a person in research, it is important to keep survey questions balanced, not leaning towards an answer,” said Robin Hayne. “Most of the questions in the survey seemed pretty biased.” Here were some of the questions from the SUN survey:

  • Seriously, we need to kill these mosquitoes, right? (agree or strongly agree)
  • We already have a King Soopers. We don’t need an exact replica in the Eastbridge town center. (agree or strongly agree)
  • There is a shortage of baseball fields in NE Denver. Forest City and Denver need to commit to building more. (agree or strongly agree)
  • How often do you shop at Walmart? (never, or I would never admit it)
  • I want to have a HS with sufficient sports fields, but don’t care about innovative status, or completely understand what that even means. (agree or strongly agree)
SUN plans to use the survey in an effort to work more closely with Forest City in an attempt to change the autocratic ways of the giant company. “We want to use the data to help show Forest City that the wants of the people go beyond a ‘few crazies,’” said SUN President Mike Victoria. “If we can get them to understand how many people disagree with some of the things they are trying to do, maybe we can change the direction of certain projects, or at least slow them down.” SUN hopes to get 10,000 responses to the survey in anticipation that the large number will show Forest City that it’s more than a loud minority who have concerns about recent developments. ]]>


  1. “I am guessing 90% of the residents here agree with me” – it’s always fun at the forums to see how many people think 90% of the community agrees with them, and then to see their reaction when the surveys show it might only be 30%.
    For instance, John Weber is wrong – most people want the King Soopers – even if they would prefer something better. And bike trails, not baseball fields, are the most popular amenity.

  2. I think John Weber is not only wrong, he’s imaginary. That said, the “real” problem with the survey is that it was primarily the complainers who cared enough to participate. The people who are fine with how things are going just don’t have the deep motivation from these apparent gut-wrenching first-world problems. This is one of the most desirable areas in Denver, with miles and miles of connected trails, but a few things aren’t finished yet and it’s all weeping and gnashing of teeth. Oh, the pool steps away from your house and the 80-acre park you can walk to aren’t good enough, huh? Is your wallet too small for your fifties and hundreds, too? Maybe someone can throw a bucket of something over your head to raise awareness of your very serious problem. Even if half of the survey participants feel a certain way, that doesn’t mean half of the residents do.

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