Central Park Rec Center Plans to Close for Full Quarter in 2015

rec center closes for three monthsResidents who are members are at the Central Park Recreation Center were frustrated when they realized that the Center would be closed for a full week last week. “I pay a monthly membership fee so that I can exercise there and stay hot,” said resident Brenda Miller. “Plus, we take the kids there to swim. I think a week seems like a long time to close down the whole place.” Many other members agree with Miller. “I doubt they are going to take a week off of my costs, are they?” asks member Joe Tracy. “It is ridiculous. What were they doing where the entire place needed to be shut down for a week?” When members found out what they actually were doing they became more frustrated. It turns out, the rec center shut down its entire facilities for seven days to simply “clean up.” “It was just kind of a cleaning,” said Central Park Rec Center Manager Dawn Christin. “You know, wipe off the benches, organize and clean the weights, Windex the display screens on the treadmills, etc. It looks SO much better. It just feels better to come into in the morning, and we think our members will agree.” Not so fast, Christin. “What!?” exclaimed member Nate Drenner. “They shut the whole thing down for a week for some basic cleaning? I assumed they were doing a massive renovation, or they were adding new machinery. There had to have been a better way to manage that.” Member Sylvia Hanson agrees. “That was just cleaning? I should have seen sparkles when I walked back into that place. I assumed there was some secret room that was added, and I just didn’t see it. Wow. I would think they could have quarantined off a room at a time and left most of it open. I mean, if they were bug bombing, or if there was a rat infestation I get it. But a simple clean?” To make matters worse, the pool will be closed for almost a month as well. It has not been determined what is being done with the pool, but more than likely they are going to be busy pumping up the basketballs. Manager Christin says that next year they will be closed for a longer period of time. “We plan to be closed for three months next year during our cleaning period. We feel that we can get an even deeper clean if we have that kind of time and keep residents out for that time period.” The rec center better be careful, or no one will be coming back next year after the cleaning period. ]]>


  1. Since it’s mandatory for members to clean the machines, benches and weights after each use, I think it’s a lame excuse to close the place for so long when we already clean it for them. Plus, my husband and I were forced to take an evening walk through Westerly Creek Park in order to maintain our youthful physiques during the shutdown and I swear we saw the staff frolicking in the pool in the darkness.

    1. God forbid you’d have to walk outside and enjoy some fresh air! Ever think that maybe they were doing other maintenance that required they shut down? Painting, repairing, etc. As for frolicking in the pool area, I heard they drained and scrubbed both of the pools… So maybe “frolicking” was actually cleaning… Hard to believe they may actually be doing what they said they were doing, huh?

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