StapletOM Yoga Festival: An Attendees' Guide

stapletomThe second annual StapletOM Yoga Festival is rapidly approaching, and attendees, potential attendees, and residents are curious as to what they should expect. “The StapletOM event will be fun for those new to Yoga, experienced Yogis as well as those who just want to come have some drinks and listen to great music,” said event Co-Organizer Jeannene Levinson. The event, which will be held on the Green on Friday and Saturday September 18th and 19th, will feature an array of teachers from different styles of yoga, as well as live music, food trucks, and of course alcohol. “It should be a great time,” said Levinson. “We want people to not worry about expectations of a Yoga festival, and simply come and have a great time.” Like most healthy lifestyles or fitness groups, Yoga certainly comes with stereotypes; some true and others exaggerated. The Stapletonion along with StapletOM worked to create a guide for those attending to help navigate the festival and to better understand Yoga in general.

  • Will people be levitating at festival? No. Yoga in no way involves the art of levitation (we don’t think). Sometimes being a Yogi gets confused with being a Jedi, but they are totally separate art forms.
  • Will Yoga help me quit smoking? Maybe. Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle, so it may encourage you to live a more healthy life. However, you may be getting Yoga confused with being hypnotized. Yoga and hypnotism are not the same thing.
  • Will people be dancing around naked? No. Dancing naked is often associated with other festivals, more centered on dressing up and drugs. Yoga has nothing to do with costumes and hard drugs.
  • Will the Green look like Nederland? No. Just because one does Yoga does not necessarily mean they are a hippie who smokes weed and is homeless, or not working. Many of those who practice Yoga are successful business men and women.
  • Will the music in the evening put me to sleep while I’m holding my drink? No. The music of Mark Stephen Smith has a solid groove to it, and it is not the same music you would listen to while practicing Yoga.
  • Do you have to wear Yoga pants to attend? No. Although Yoga pants are the preferred item of clothing to do Yoga in (much more specifically for women), those coming to learn about Yoga, or just coming for the booze and music most certainly do not have to wear Yoga pants.
  • Can people come just to stare at the hot moms in Yoga pants? Yes. But don’t be creepy about it. If someone wears any type of tight pants, whether they be Yoga pants or tight jeans, they expect some sort of staring. Just obey the following rules: do not stare for more than six consecutive seconds, don’t let them know you were staring, and please, no whistling.
The StapletOM Festival will be from 6:00PM to 10PM on Friday, and from 8:30AM to 10PM on Saturday. For more information on the upcoming StapletOM Festival, go to]]>

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