Elsa Heads Back to Arendelle for Much Needed Break

elsaIf you have a daughter and live in Stapleton, you have no doubt been to a Frozen party provided by Wands and Wishes in the last year. At the party you will most certainly have seen a Frozen cake along with balloons and other party favors. But the stars of the party will unquestionably be the characters that show up to wish the special someone a happy birthday. The character who seems to be getting far more than her share of work these days is Elsa. “My daughter loves Frozen,” said Stapleton parent Christine McDonald. “And, you know, the story is really about Elsa, so my daughter likes her the most. Plus she has special powers.” Stapleton parents are especially compelled to grant their kids’ wishes. “Whatever it takes to make my beautiful girl happy,” said Stapleton dad Bob Marion. “And if hiring a princess makes my princess happy, then that’s what I will do.” The overabundance of work for Elsa has caused some jealousy issues at her agency, Wands & Wishes. “You know, I used to be the one that got the most work,” said Ariel from The Little Mermaid. “I have been the queen of this place for a long time now. But all of the sudden she shows up and I’m taking a back seat. I don’t know what it is that makes her so special.” Other princesses agree. “My work has declined a lot in the last year,” said Cinderella. “I have been working before she was born, but she walks around like she owns the place. I’m Cinderella, damn it. It won’t be long before she’s yesterday’s news and things are back to normal around here.” Jealousy within the Frozen cast is even worse. “I always have felt the movie was about me,” says Anna. “We are sisters in the film, I have more screen time, but somehow, she stole the show. Is it a blonde thing?” Frozen cast-mate Kristoff agrees. “I think I am the funniest in the whole film,” says Kristoff. “Yet, somehow, she lands about 25 times as many gigs as I do. How is that possible?” Elsa has seen the highs and lows of her newfound popularity. “Of course, the money has been great,” said Elsa. “But, people are always gunning for you when you are at the top. Plus, it has been so busy with the Academy Awards, the Oscars, etc. But, more than anything, I have done over 200 Stapleton birthday parties. It’s a lot.” Elsa said she recently almost had a nervous breakdown. “I was knocking on the door of my fifth party of the day, and while I was standing there, I could hear my own breathing, and I almost fainted.” Elsa said she made it through the party, but realized something needed to change. “I decided to go back home (Arendelle) for a few weeks to rest up, and re-evaluate,” said Elsa. “I know I will come back, better than ever, but right now, I need to take some time for me.” ]]>

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