Kickball Practices Get “Chippy”

kickball-logo_no yearThe SUN Kickball Tournament is right around the corner, which means team camps have been underway for about three weeks. Teams are working to get in shape for the grueling one-day event. “It’s a lot of fun, but we aren’t in it for the fun,” says kickball athlete and team captain Mike Haugen. “We got fourth last year, and are hungry to do better this year.” Haugen says his team started with 40 potential team members, but they will cut the team down to 16 by the tournament. “It’s not about who you are friends with, it’s about who is going to contribute.” Other teams are working through similar growing pains. “My wife and I have played every year,” says Rob Hartley. “But, I’m not sure If she will make the team this year. We have some new neighbors, and the new lady is pretty athletic. I think she does CrossFit, which is probably what prepares someone most for kickball. If she’s not on the team, it is going to be a tough September for the Hartley household.” Hartley says he will play either way. “Sure, I have loyalty to my wife. But, I have to have some loyalty to my kickball team, too.” Many teams are completing two-a-day practices and conditioning sessions, along with evening film study. “We do a lot of review of what we did last year, and where we can improve,” says captain of the defending champion team, Brian McCoy. “There are always areas to improve, whether it be basic strategy, defensive positioning, or just making sure everyone understands the game.” Some teams find benefits in practicing with other teams prior to the tournament. “It gives you a real game feel,” says captain Jason Marion. “The problem is, both teams have players fighting to make the team, so there is a lot of adrenaline involved. Words are exchanged sometimes, or some shoving, or even balls thrown hard. But, when you get in an intense environment like kickball, that’s what is going to happen.” The 11th Annual SUN Kickball Tournament will be held September 13th at 1PM at Central Park in Stapleton. For more information and to register your team, click here. ]]>

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