Parade of Tears: Back to School Day for Stapleton Parents

parade of tearsIt’s always an emotional day. Parents sending their kids back to school or kids going to school for the first time. Many parents cry because they see how quickly their kids are growing up, and others cry out of the pure joy that summer is over and their kids will be back in school. Stapleton parents are at either end of the spectrum, and rarely is anyone in the middle, which causes the extreme emotional outbursts. And with so many parents walking kids to school, the parent walk home looks like a parade of tears to those driving by. “Time has gone so quickly,” said Mandy Taylor whose 5-year old daughter started kindergarten at Westerly Creek Monday morning. “She is going to be fine, but I’m not sure if I am going to be.” Other parents have the same issue. “My daughter is in fourth grade,” said parent Scott Carman. “But, I still get emotional when I drop her off. I’m sure most dads of daughters are the same way, I guess.” Some parents are crying celebratory tears. “Look, I love my kids as much as anyone,” said David Asbee. “But, when we finally get them back into a routine of school and fall programs, life is just so much easier.” Kerry Fisher agrees. “The relief of not having to figure out what they are going to do every day and stressing over whether they are being productive or not is just great,” said Fisher. “Is that weight off of my shoulders enough to make me break down and cry? You’re damn right it is.” There are a handful of parents who had limited emotional and physical damage. “I was pretty unaffected to be honest,” said resident Tom Lowe. “However, come to think of it, I did kind of stub my tow when I was kicking them on the way out. Hopefully, I will come back from that quickly.” For many parents, back to school day is a good day to take off from work and go have an early brunch, complete with mimosas. “Having a nice meal complete with a little alcohol seems to calm me down a little,” said Taylor. “I would recommend it to everyone.” ]]>

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