Entire Conservatory Green Neighborhood Being Built By “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

conservatory-greenIf you haven’t been over to see the Conservatory Green neighborhood, you need to go. Just drive safe, as there are several uncontrolled intersections, construction trucks, drivers not sure where they are going, and kids riding their bikes. In fact, the neighborhood has been built so fast, even the residents there don’t know what’s going on. “I’m just trying to enjoy the ride,” said Conservatory Green resident Blake Gibbs. “Our house was completed in three days, the road was done in two, and we had a complete block within six days. These teams are incredible.” The teams that Gibbs is referring to are the wonderful teams hired by ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. “Forest City came to us and talked about all the great things they are doing in Denver in the Stapleton community,” said Makeover Executive Producer Brady Connell. “Basically, they said, ‘hey, you guys seem to be able to put up homes really fast, have you ever thought about an entire neighborhood?’ We thought it was a very interesting idea, so things just moved forward from there.” Forest City provided Makeover with the plans for the neighborhood and Makeover made some adjustments to the plans which would better suit a television audience. “We wanted to make sure a school was open while all the construction was going on around it,” said Connell. “Adding drama is just good for TV, and having a new school opening near a busy road with uncontrolled intersections, with new residents, etc. Well, you get the idea.” Connell said their goal was to get the entire neighborhood completed in under two months. “We work the teams pretty hard once they have the vision,” said Connell. There is no reason these guys can’ get the job done. We always trust our teams.” Connell says that six episodes will air showing the work on the neighborhood. “We will be featuring some of the families, and of course, the crews,” said Connell. The series plans to air in early spring, long after the entire Conservatory Green neighborhood will have been completed. ]]>

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