Sooper’s Service Station Concept Running Out of Gas

soopers gas stationTwo things are becoming increasingly clear in regards to the Eastbridge Town Center: Eastbridge is getting a King Soopers, and it won’t have a gas station. That notion became quite clear after Soopers’ representative Joe Starbuck himself said, “Do I want one across from my house? No.” The gas station has become intentionally or unintentionally the biggest bargaining chip for Soopers and Forest City. “I’m not sure they ever truly intended to put a gas station there,” says skeptical resident and conspiracy theorist John Baldwin. “It was actually brilliant. They storm in here taking the space, and then say they are going to add a gas station. People forget about not liking them, and focus all of their energy on the gas station portion. Well played, Soopers.” Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers says introducing the gas station concept has never been a ruse. “Soopers and Forest City representatives originally thought it would be a much appreciated and necessary addition to the community,” says Ayers. “I think people are forgetting just how big Stapleton is. Do people understand that when you have a high school, it means you have high school drivers? There are going to be an additional 3,000 Stapleton drivers in the next five years. Lines could become worse.” Stapleton resident Lisa Miller disagrees. “There is a 711 right next to the high school. Sure, there will be some long lines, but we don’t need to build an extra gas station for the kids. We need to not build a gas station for the kids.” Eastbridge residents are a long way from loving the idea of having a King Soopers as the anchor for the town center, but it appears they hate a gas station far more than they hate a King Soopers. “If we can avoid having a 24 hour gas station less than a quarter mile from my house, I would be pretty happy,” says resident Jon Boccia. Becky Miller agrees. “Hey, one thing at a time,” says Miller. “Maybe we can defeat the gas station concept and then move forward. Next up, shrinking the parking lot.” Baldwin feels the giant parking lot may also be something Soopers created just to have some wiggle room to deal with. “Look, say I’m crazy, but look at what people are focusing on,” says Baldwin. “Gas stations and parking lots. Almost completely lost on the majority of the community is that we will not be getting a town center similar to the one on 29th St., and we won’t be getting an organic grocer like many had hoped for. So, to me, the gas station and the parking lot may have been created as a smokescreen so that Soopers could just ease into the spot after making a couple of concessions they already knew they would make.” We may not know the truth on this for years, unless a whistleblower from Soopers or Forest City comes forward. ]]>

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