Stapleton to Add “Dollar Days” Garage Sale Prior to Beginning of Winter

dollar daysStapleton families were able to acquire a lot of items and get rid of a lot of items during the yard sale weekend. The main items exchanged were toys, baby items, and random nick knacks. Well, six months later, those same items will be outdated or the kids will be sick of them. So, why not pass them on before Christmas? “People get so much new stuff around Christmas,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “We thought we should give people one more chance to sell unused toys and baby items, if only to clear out their homes, or attain new, used Santa toys for the kids.” Stapleton families seem enthused about dollar days. “I think it is great,” says resident Susan Hansen. “We have already outgrown clothes the kids got, and now we can get things for cheap and use them as presents. It’s a double win. We get rid of stuff, and get inexpensive presents for kids.” Dianne Shannon agrees. “I love finding these great deals,” said Shannon. “The challenge of finding a diamond in the rough is great, plus, I really have nothing else to do.” Of the people we spoke with, it was mostly the men who were not excited about dollar days. “Seriously, in the middle of football season?” asked Bob Crowley. “I am going to have to walk around on Saturday and Sunday, missing football, just so I can give very little opinions on $1 items my wife asks me about. This really hurts.” Dollar Days is scheduled for November 15th and 16th. All items must be marked at $5 or less. “We will see how it goes this year, but we hope to have it an annual event,” said Kampstra. Best of success to Stapleton bargain shoppers. ]]>

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