Stapleton Family Accidentally Explores Denver

According to friends and family who were attending brunch at Udi’s, they received numerous voicemails and texts regarding the ordeal. Several messages were unclear and sounded rather “scattered and panicked” according to one neighbor. “We didn’t think anything of it at first, but then our minds wandered,” said Helen’s friend Jamie Cox. She continued, “What if something happens?  What if they find out about City Park, the museums and the variety of restaurants in uptown? It was at this point when I began to worry and thought I may lose my neighbor forever”. After several minutes of terror and entering in the proper home address the family found a way home. “Google maps claimed it to be a 7 minute travel time, but the trip felt like hours”, said the Helen’s husband Dave. The family quickly made their way back across Park Hill towards Stapleton and to the comfort of their home. “We are just glad we made it back safe and sound. I will be more aware of where I am heading next time,” said Helen. The family has vowed to remain within the confines of the neighborhood and don not plan on venturing out anytime soon.]]>

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