DDS Students to Begin Building 20 Story Skyscraper

skyscraperDenver Discovery School (DDS) students are off to a fast start this year. In fact, the students have performed so well that the staff is already challenging the 6th to 8th graders with its tallest task: building a skyscraper. “We are a project based school, which creates a learning environment for real world situations,” said DDS Principal Kristen Atwood. “This is the kind of project that will expose the kids to all sorts of core-curriculum subjects, focusing especially on the math and sciences.” Atwood also mentions the kids will get plenty of exposure to future careers. “Kids will get experience as architects, engineers, environmental scientists, accountants, project management, among tens of other jobs and careers.” The skyscraper, which students have in the initial design phase, will be built on the plot of land where the Stanley Market will be. “This is just another great addition for the Stanley Marketplace,” said lead project consultant Sean Asbee. “It involves the community, helping the schools, and will be a very cost-efficient way to handle the project since the kids will be getting course credit and not an hourly wage.” The yet to be named building will be used for office space, which will fit in nicely with the surrounding market area. “It will not be some giant monstrosity,” proclaims Asbee. “Remember, this is a huge area. The office space will simply put more prospective customers right on site. Almost like having a mini-downtown right here on the Aurora-Stapleton border. Atwood says that her team of students, with some help form teachers and administrators, plan to have the project completed by December of 2015. “We strongly believe we can have the exterior shell completed,” says Atwood. “We have plenty of intellectual power with the students we have. Once the structure is completed, the students will begin the interior design phase, which will also hinge on who will be leasing the space.” Atwood says that although most of the work will be handled by the DDS students, the team will contract out a lot of the labor. “We will find partners for the physical labor, although the students will be hands on with that as well. There are simply liability issues with 12 and 13 year olds handling heavy machinery, so we will find quality partners to help with those sorts of tasks.” Construction is set to begin in mid-November after approval architectural plans. ]]>

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