Education Expo: Parents ‘Reasonably’ Request Nanny Cams be Placed in Classrooms

nanny camLast night, hundreds of Stapleton parents attended the Education Expo at the High Tech Elementary School/DSST in the Conservatory Green Neighborhood in Stapleton. The Expo featured administrators and faculty of roughly 30 area schools. New high school Principal Avi Tropper was even on hand. The Expo served as an opportunity for parents to visit administrators from current and prospective schools. “We wanted to get an idea of the different types of schools, and their focus,” said Amy Richardson. “Of course, getting to meet the people in charge of educating our kids is a big bonus as well.” Most of the Expo included the faculty of the different schools ‘selling’ their education product to parents, but parents also gave suggestions to school faculty to better help the education process. “I’m not in education,” commented Expo attendee Chris Knight. “But there are some things that just knowing my kids, and understanding what would be best for them, that I think schools should do. Maybe I should have been in education. I have great ideas.” Kari Brohman agrees. “I was educated, so yeah, I have some ideas on what schools can do to continually improve. And why keep those to myself. I made sure to talk with most of the faculty of the different schools for about 10 minutes each, and shared my thoughts. I’m sure it was really helpful for them.” “It can be frustrating listening to parents sometimes,” says an anonymous faculty attendee. “Most of the people at this expo went to years of schooling to be educators and have dedicated our lives to education. It’s not something you can just whip up and say, ‘here is what you should be doing.’” Faculty will sometimes receive good feedback, but many times it borders on the bizarre or is over the top. “Well, tonight the big theme that came out was that people think we should install nanny cams, or spy cameras in every classroom,” says the faculty attendee. “They want to be able to see the teacher and the student body in that class at any moment. It is pretty over the top, even for Stapleton.” “I love the idea of cameras in the classroom,” says parent Laura Shelton. “There is no better way to be more involved with your child than to feel like you are right there with them. And now I can see what the teacher is doing all the time, and how the kids are reacting. I am definitely going to push for funds being used for this at Westerly, and I am guessing other area schools will follow.” Caroline Fecht agrees. “This could be set up very easily,” says Fecht. “We already have passwords to access information about our kids and the class, now we can just use those passwords to access the appropriate cameras in our child’s classroom.” Teachers and administrators are already pushing back. “At some point, we have to let the teachers and administrators do their jobs and not worry about people constantly looking over their shoulders,” said Superintendent of Schools Tom Boasberg. “Aside from being very overbearing, it borders on invasion of privacy. We will definitely fight against this.” Parents have already formed a Facebook Page to gain support for the idea. “I understand this is a change, and schools don’t always like change,” said Shelton. “But, Stapleton is about progress, and I like to think we are often the leader of progress.” ]]>

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