Evergreen Development Getting Plenty of Recommendations for Eastbridge Town Center

Evergreen developmentThe Evergreen Development team has the contract for the Eastbridge Town Center space not reserved for King Soopers and its parking lot. The idea of having restaurants and local retail close by is very exciting for many Eastbridge residents. “At this point, I just want to have some cool local spots,” says Eastbridge resident Jennifer Gable. “So, build that King Soopers, but let’s bring some really cool retail into the other space.” Resident Regan O’Hara agrees. “There are so many cool things they can do with that space. Obviously, cool restaurants, coffee shops, gift shops. I just hope Evergreen does the right thing and avoids getting chains in there.” Evergreen will have about 22,000 square feet of space to fill, which is slightly less than half of the 29th St. Town Center. “It is a pretty sizeable space,” says project leader Dennis Westerberg. “We obviously want community feedback, and want to create a retail environment that residents are excited to experience.” Some residents are concerned about the disconnect between what Stapleton residents are hoping to go in versus what will probably go in. “Now that there is a through street right to Aurora, are we going to get a check into cash?” asks resident Mike Shannon. “I’m concerned that Evergreen may just let in the fastest and highest bidders. Will we get a Wing Stop? Maybe I have become a little too cynical in this process, but after Soopers comes in, I’m not holding out hope that we will get a bunch of cool private retail shops.” Adam Beatty agrees. “I just don’t see a scenario where small private shops will be able to afford being here, or want to be right next a mega-grocer,” says Beatty. “I hope I am wrong. Maybe the foot traffic from King Soopers is what will ultimately convince a unique retailer to buck up and take some space up there. Just not sure.” According to Westerberg, it’s all wide open as of now. “We are getting interest from all sorts of places. From startup boutiques to chain restaurants. The challenge we are faced with is getting the right mix that will be stable shops that can make their revenue goals, and at the same time, places residents want here.” Aside from the businesses actively soliciting information from Evergreen Development, residents have been more than happy to make suggestions of who Evergreen should go after. “A typical example is this Midwestern guy who wants to have a late night diner that serves these things called ‘Slingers,’” says Westerberg. “These slingers do sound delicious, but would a diner like this get enough patrons to make it? I don’t know.” Westerberg says that other suggestions have included but are not limited to:

  • Macintosh repair shop
  • Kraft beer only liquor store
  • Wine and cheese bar
  • Sports bar with patio (non-chain)
  • Kite shop
  • Model car and airplane store
  • Tailor and cobble shop
Westerberg says that nothing is off the table and residents can feel free to submit any thoughts on who should be in the new town center. “It’s just brainstorming right now,” says Westerberg. “We want to keep Stapleton residents happy, but in the end, we need to make sure the businesses that come in are profitable. So, is it possible a Chilis would be part of the space? Of course. Is it probable? Yeah, that’s probably the type of businesses we will get in here. But, understand, we did our best, kind of, to get what residents were looking for.” ]]>

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