Stapleton Friendship Ends After Family Moves 23 Minutes Away

end of a friendshipIt has been a great run for the Dillinghams and the Millers. Their families have been great friends for almost five years living near each other in the Westerly Creek neighborhood in Stapleton. They each have kids roughly the same age, so they spent many weekend nights hanging out, having cocktails and letting the kids play. “We absolutely love the Millers,” says Susan Dillingham. “Nothing will take away the great times we have had over these years. They are a great couple with great kids. We wish them the best in their new adventure, and we definitely will keep in touch with them.” Although neither family will officially say that the friendship is over, they both understand that having much more than an electronic relationship will be difficult. The Millers are moving to Observatory Park in Denver, which is over a 20 minute drive away. “It is going to be hard,” said Diane Miller. “We love Stapleton, and the Dillinghams have been a big part of that. But, the location is better for my husband’s commute, we found a great home, and a great school for the kids. Are they Stapleton-great? Time will tell.” The Millers understand the difficulty in keeping a friendship together outside of Stapleton’s borders. “You get pretty used to walking or riding bikes to hang out with your friends,” says Diane. “The idea of getting in a car and driving somewhere to spend time with others just washes away once you move to Stapleton. I mean, there are so many fun people right here. Why cross Quebec?” The Dillinghams stop short of saying the Millers will be replaced, but feel they will be able to meet another fun Stapleton couple. “Who knows,” asks Susan. “Our next new best friends may move into their place. Plus, we have spent so much time with them over the last several years, maybe we weren’t giving enough attention to other potential great friendships in Stapleton.” Of course, Susan and Diane will be sorry to lose their connection, but they at least will make an effort to keep it going. “Obviously, with Facebook, you can’t completely lose touch,” says Diane. “Then, I know we will keep inviting each other to our kids’ birthday parties.” Susan says there is even the talks of a family vacation to visit the Millers next summer. “We are already talking about heading over there for a couple of days,” says Susan. “I hear it is beautiful over there, and there are some fun things for the kids to do. We may just make that happen.” Unless, of course, some new best Stapleton friends come around by then. ]]>

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