Duck Dynasty Producers to Create Stapleton-Based Reality Show

duck dynasty producersYet another reality show is coming to Stapleton. The producers of Duck Dynasty are bringing the reality show “Trash to Splash” to A&E, and the series is expected to air the fall of 2015. “We are really excited about this new program,” said executive producer Charlie Van Vleet. “It is really a social experiment. We plan on moving two, for lack of a better term, ‘white trash families’ to Stapleton, and then following their lives. It is made for TV.” Van Vleet says the idea is to see how people who clearly don’t belong are treated by those in an exclusive community. “We will most certainly be selecting the families from Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana. Maybe West Virginia. Anyway, we want real white trash, not that produced white trash that you find in the northern states.” Van Vleet says that the show will buy their homes, pay their expenses, and provide some spending money to the families. “We want them to be able to become part of the community, and of course, see how the community will treat them. A lot of times, we kind of know how these reality shows will play out. Honestly, for this one, we have no idea.” Van Vleet says Stapleton is the perfect fit for the show. “The community is not overly pretentious, so it won’t be completely obvious as to what is going to happen,” says Van Vleet. “However, there is this ‘Stapleton privilege’ feel you get when investigating the neighborhood and talking with the people.” The lack of anonymity in Stapleton also intrigues Van Vleet. “From my understanding, it seems you can’t spit on a sidewalk without someone knowing about it. So, injecting some major league outsiders, and maybe their lack of couth will ignite some additional issues for the community to talk about.” Van Vleet says that although he hopes the show creates some chatter in the Stapleton hills, he is also okay with acceptance playing out. “Maybe the show becomes about people understanding each other’s differences and talking about them and working through them,” says Van Vleet. “So, if friendships end up blossoming out of this, that’s not all bad either. Not likely to happen, but it wouldn’t be all bad.” ]]>

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