Mid-Term Elections: Understanding the Candidates & Issues Based on Advertising

colorado mid-term electionsIn case you Tivo everything and fast forward through television commercials, you may not have a strong understanding of the mid-term election candidates or where they stand on certain issues. Furthermore, you may not have had time to do your own research or read your friends’ opinions on Facebook. Here’s a rundown of the main candidates, amendments, and propositions. US Senate Mark Udall: Democratic Candidate • His vote for Obamacare ruined thousands of Colorado families, increasing their health care costs 500% • Since he is the son of a Senator, he is not as qualified as a son of a tractor salesman to be senator. • Hates creating jobs. Especially if they are energy jobs. • Votes almost completely on party line (which is VERY unusual in Washington). • Obama is a failure, and Udall is a big part of that. • Is a nice guy (and that’s according to Gardner). Cory Gardner: Republican Candidate • Does not respect women • Does not believe women should have premarital or protected sex • Believes if you have an abortion you should be imprisoned for life • Seriously, the guy just hates the ladies • Oh, wait, he wants birth control pills available over the counter, all the time—this is getting confusing. • His grandma’s generation built America, and he is going to make sure he repays them for it. I think that’s going to be a lot of money. • Loves wind energy, and is a big proponent of clean energy. US Congress—District One Diana DeGette: Democratic Candidate • Feels Affordable Care Act (ACA) could use a few tweaks. • Wants to improve women’s pay and increase minimum wage to boost economy. • Would like to reduce student loan burdens on graduates. • Is about as left as one can get. • Although she is qualified and intelligent, she is aware that having her name next to “Democrat” in the first congressional district in Colorado pretty much wins her the seat. Martin Walsh: Republican Candidate • Believes ACA should be killed, much like the people that would die without affordable health care. • Unlike others, does not like government bureaucracy. • Feels government should “get out of the way” and private industry will thrive. • Wants long-term fiscal reform. • Believes there are lots of places to cut federal spending, but not sure where to start. Except not on defense or veterans. No cuts pertaining to those. • Is close to a democrat when it comes to immigration, gay rights, and abortion. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper: Democratic Candidate • Created a lot of jobs in Colorado (40th to 4th in job creation). • Apparently is a short-order cook and a bartender at Wynkoop Brewery. • Has a lot more campaign money than Beauprez. • Is to blame for failed Obama policies. Bob Beauprez: Republican Candidate • Fights against Obamacare. • Is a true conservative. • Will defend constitutional rights. • Doesn’t have a complete grasp of what a governor’s power is. • Is a greedy banker, but used to be a farmer and a rancher as well. Colorado Proposition 105 (right to know) Should food that has been genetically modified be labeled as such? For: • Helps farmers who do not use GMOs get a premium for their products. • Other countries do this. Why don’t we? • Seriously, just label the shit properly. Stop being dicks about this. Against: • May urge consumers to make wiser food choices. • Could cost chemical companies and junk food companies a lot of money. • May increase the average family’s grocery bill by $1.42 a month. ]]>

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