Stapleton Elementary Fails to Reach $275k Contribution Goal

school fundraiserFor the first time, a Stapleton Elementary was unable to reach its contribution goal, falling about $15k short. The school, who has chosen to go unnamed at this time, raised $258k but could not scrape together the final $17k. “It has been a frustrating donation season,” said the school auction committee chairman. “We raised $250k last year, and thought we could raise an additional $25k. We just couldn’t get there. Everyone worked hard, and we appreciate the sponsors, hosts, and donors, but it certainly hurts not making the goal.” The school auction committee chairman says that this will hardly cost the school in the yearly ‘arms race’ among the Stapleton schools, but they were hoping to stay ahead. “Other schools raised similar amounts,” says the chairman. “We simply wanted to be the best. Kind of like being the first in flight, first to the moon, or first to detonate a nuclear weapon. Breaking that $275k barrier would have been a big deal for our school. It doesn’t mean we will stop fundraising this year, or that we won’t work harder next year. I still believe we will be the first ones to get there.” Stapleton schools lead all Colorado public school districts when it comes to fundraising. In fact, two Stapleton giving parties would account for all donations to every (six) Montbello Elementary School. “I know on the surface it may seem greedy or elitist,” says the chairman. “But, the reality is, people moved here for the schools, so we need to be dedicated to make them the best schools they can be. If that wasn’t the case, I would have just stayed in the Highlands.” The chairman went on to say that money collected at all Stapleton Elementary schools is put to great use. “Of course some goes to supplies to help the teachers, but then most of it goes to para-professionals so that kids in the classroom can get more needed attention and help.” The chairman agrees that other districts could use the same support. “Most certainly schools outside of Stapleton could use the money. But, we all live here, and we need to take care of our schools and our kids first.” ]]>

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