Stapleton Residents Plan “Hundred Man March” to Protest Town Center Gas Station

king soopers protestRoughly a month ago, there seemed to be hope that King Soopers would drop the proposed gas station in Eastbridge. Angry Eastbridge residents were ready to take their medicine and accept the King Soopers into the town center with open arms (sort of). “We were ready to accept the give and take of having the large grocer in the middle of our neighborhood,” said resident and Eastbridge town center activist Allie White. “At the same time, we were celebrating getting rid of the gas station, which is one of the main things residents were concerned with.” Well, that celebration has been put on hold, and the champagne has been re-corked. Recently, at the October 14th CAB ZAP meeting, Sooper’s representative Joel Starbuck said that the Sooper’s higher-ups do not feel a gas station-less King Soopers is an option in the Eastbridge town center. Furthermore, when asked about moving the station north, Starbuck said that Forest City was not willing to entertain that idea. So, for many Stapleton activists, they are back to square one. “We are getting a giant King Soopers, a giant parking lot, and a gas station. I feel so defeated,” said resident Greg Clark. “We have put so much time and effort into this. We have done research, shown statistics, polls, other data, as well as attended meetings and tried to work with those in the right positions. I would have rather had King Soopers and Forest City tell us there is literally nothing we could do to change their minds, as many of us have spent 10’s of hours working to create a great town center only to be back in the same spot we began.” Clark and others aren’t done yet, however. “We are going to go old school,” says Clark. “If they won’t listen to our well thought out rational concerns backed by numbers, then we will do a protest march.” Clark says that concerned residents are planning a march and protest at the Quebec King Soopers. “Some residents don’t even know what is going on in Eastbridge,” said Clark. “We need people to understand that what happens in one Stapleton borough could happen in another one. People all over Stapleton should be concerned this is the direction things are going.” Clark says that people can find out more about the protest and march by joining the Eastbridge Town Center at Bluff Lake Retail Development Facebook group. ]]>

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  1. Has anyone asked other grocers why they are not interested in putting a store at this location? Is it because the cost of a proposal is a waste of money since KS has the first right of refusal? I would be interested to know if Sprouts or Whole Foods has considered this location and been discouraged from making a proposal. We are in a healthy food desert here, and it seems an opportunity for another “brand” to come in.

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