The Starbucks is Coming! The Starbucks is Coming!

starbucksForest City received a commitment from Starbucks headquarters this past week that they will buy space in the new Eastbridge Towncenter. In fact, Starbucks intends to occupy 4 of the 9 spaces in the retail area on the west side of the town center project. John Morgan, Vice President of Location Development for Starbucks, acknowledged the coffee desert the residents of Eastbridge have experienced over the last several years. When asked why the town center needed four of their coffee stores, Morgan replied, “Everyone loves our coffee. This is our way of satisfying a need in the community.” Liz Porche, a 7-year resident of Eastbridge is enthusiastic about the new Starbucks. “I am tired of driving the mile to the other town center for my chai tea.” Porche went on to say she goes to Starbucks several times a week. She factors this will save her at least 2-3 minutes per trip versus driving to the other Starbucks. Her husband Ethan stated, “I just hope the nearby Aurora residents don’t find out about these Starbucks. They will ruin it for us Stapleton residents.” Forest City, when reached for comment, had this statement: “With the retail portion of Eastbridge Towncenter on track, we are hoping the residents will be so over caffeinated that they will not notice the King Soopers and their maligned gas station being built.” Starbucks, working with a local retail developer, estimates a fall or winter 2016 opening for their stores. Although residents are excited about the four incoming Starbucks stores, some residents are asking why not simply create one super-Starbucks. “We want to keep the local coffee shop feel, even though we are a mega-billion dollar world-wide corporation,” said Morgan. “Plus, Evergreen wants to keep a consistent feel, and doesn’t want to have any super-stores, except for the King Soopers which will already be there, obviously.” Evergreen project leader Dennis Westerberg says that the commitment from Starbucks is huge for the community. “Having a great shop like Starbucks come in is exciting for residents, and obviously will help draw other great shops to the area,” said Westerberg. “Now, it looks like people can swing by, get some groceries, grab a cup of coffee, and fill up a tank of gas. We are on our way.” ]]>

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