ISIL Threat Hits Home for Botanic Apartment Residents

Isil van BombISIL has not only made its way to the United States, but are now considered an active terrorist cell operating within Stapleton. As the Front Porch recently reported, a white van exploded while being parked next to the Botanic Apartments. Eyewitness Greg Riekse says there was a very loud explosion, and then the van started on fire. “There were flames shooting out of the van, and it was very hot,” says Rieske. “It was pretty scary, but luckily the fire department was right across the street at Starbucks and they got here in two minutes and made sure there wasn’t any more damage.” “The buildings are obviously either linked together, or very close together,” said local fireman Ben Miller. “So, the terrorists knew what they were doing. They could have easily burned up the entire 29th Street Town Center.” It is unclear as to why Stapleton is a target of terrorism, according to Denver Police Chief Robert White. “You never know with those crazy a-holes,” said White. “There’s not always a rhyme or reason for crazy. Maybe they hate new urbanism, or maybe an ISIL member lives in Eastbridge and is angry about not having their own town center.” White says that the city is on full alert and that Stapleton residents should continue to be vigilant. “The great thing about Stapleton residents is that they already report any behavior that is slightly irregular. I mean we get about 20 calls a day from Stapleton residents reporting ‘non-whites.’ So, I am sure we will get there in time to react to any situation necessary.” White says they are still searching for the man who ran from the vehicle. “It was a very unique suicide bomber,” says White. “Typically, they stay in the vehicle, but the driver probably saw what I nice day it was and felt it would have been a pretty big waste to leave the world when it is sunny and 75.” ]]>

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