Residents Less Than Two Years Away from No Longer Having to Ask Friends for Rides to Airport

rides to airportWhen the East Rail Line project was first announced, it seemed like forever before passengers would be able to enjoy the convenience of a non-stop, speedy ride to the airport. Well, forever is now less than two years away, as the East Rail Line project is set to open for passengers in the summer of 2016, according to a recent Front Porch article. “I wish they would quit talking about it because then I get excited and realize it is still about two years away,” said resident Mike McDonald. “I’ll completely forget about it, and then when I hear about it again, I get sad it’s still a ways out.” The best thing for residents is that they will no longer have to ask friends for rides to and from the airport. “We kind of have a little circle of us that takes each other to the airport and picks each other up,” says Kristen Doyle. “No one seems to mind, but you definitely feel bad when you have to ask. So, as much as it is not that big of a deal now, it will be even less of a deal asking someone to drive you five minutes to the station.” Many other residents use a similar system as Doyle. “When you have kids, it is not necessarily about paying the money for parking,” says Brad Lewis. “Finding a parking spot, and then grabbing all of your kids and bags and strollers, and getting them to the actual airport is such a pain. So, it is much better to be dropped at the door.” Resident Megan Closson says that saving the money is also nice. “If you are visiting family for a week, you can end up paying $100 for parking,” says Closson. “Plus, you are paying for your seats on the plane, luggage, rental car, etc. If you can even save that $100, it is nice.” The Line will also bring passengers to downtown, which is exciting for residents. “Some of us in Stapleton still leave here every once in a while,” says Aaron Farrell. “So, to have the option of a cheap quick ride to get something to eat in the city or go to a ballgame is going to be great.” The East Rail line has had a pretty smooth ride so far in regards to Stapleton projects. Complaints regarding how the line will affect our pristine community have been few and far between. However, objections are expected to dramatically increase in the spring of 2016. ]]>

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