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Stanley MarketplaceIt has been over a decade since Eastbridge residents were first promised a town center. Community outcry, broken promises, and red tape continue to delay the project. Hundreds of people have been involved with the project including Forest City, developers, architects, community organizers, traffic officials, etc. Yet not one shovel has hit the ground to begin the project. Meanwhile, a team of three (now five) was able to propose a plan for an abandoned building and empty space, purchase that space, get necessary support from the City of Aurora, and procure letters of intent from an array of businesses for that space. “We were able to work together, and most importantly, the City of Aurora was excited and willing to work with us,” says one of the leaders of the project Mark Shaker. “For us, we don’t feel like we are competing with the Eastbridge Town Center. This is simply a vision we feel will serve the needs of NE Denver and Aurora. So, when we look at it, we are not comparing Stanley to the Eastbridge Town Center.” Maybe because there is no comparison. Consider the following:

  • Time to develop and open projects: Stanley Marketplace = 1 year, Eastbridge Town Center = 10+ years
  • Number of King Soopers projected to be on site: Stanley Marketplace = 0, Eastbridge Town Center = 1
  • Number of gas stations projected to be on site: Stanley Marketplace = 0, Eastbridge Town Center = one, 14 pump station
  • Square footage for retail space: Stanley Marketplace = 140,000 square feet, Eastbridge Town Center = 22,000 square feet
  • Letters of intent for space: Stanley Marketplace = 47, Eastbridge Town Center = 0 (including King Soopers)
  • Planned restaurants for space: Stanley Marketplace = 3 lunch/dinner restaurants & 1 breakfast restaurant, Eastbridge Town Center = nothing specific in plans
  • Hours of operation: Stanley Marketplace = 18 hours a day, Eastbridge Town Center = ??
  • Number of Stapleton people complaining about development: Stanley Marketplace = 0, Eastbridge Town Center = about 50%
Whatever the Flightline folks are doing, residents hope it continues. “It seems that they are doing things the right way, but at the same time, getting things done,” says Dave Saar. “I know a lot of people are looking forward to the opening, and hope that all the businesses thrive.” Other community members agree. “The fact they have been able to look at a place with endless possibilities and get a specific vision for it is very impressive,” says Sandy Retzlaff. Heck, with everything moving so well with Stanley, who needs a town center. ]]>

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