Stapleton’s Cutest Kids Calendar Draws Ire of Community

Photo by Pilcher Photography Photo by Pilcher Photography[/caption]The Stapleton MCA had a big gaffe recently when they released a 2015-16 calendar featuring Stapleton’s cutest kids. The MCA had hoped the calendar would be appreciated the same way the dog calendar is, but it did not go over as planned. “We thought that with the dog calendar being so popular, why not introduce a calendar about what Stapleton is most known for; kids,” claimed MCA President Liza Kampstra. “It was meant to continue to keep people involved, and to put out a really fun calendar for community members. We did not realize there would be so many angry parents, in regards to who was included and who wasn’t.” Kampstra says they used the dog calendar as a gauge as to how many people would be upset about not having their photos included. “We only received a handful of emails from people disappointed about their dogs not being included in the calendar,” said Kampstra. “So, we thought, what could possibly go wrong on doing one with kids?” Well, the MCA received hundreds upon hundreds of angry emails from parents abut their kids not being included in the calendar. “We had no idea it would get that reaction,” says Kampstra. “We of course received over a thousand submissions of kids, but could only include 50 for the calendar. The angriest emails actually came from people where we used one of their kids but not the others.” Looking back, many parents wish they wouldn’t have submitted photos. “I don’t know what I was thinking,” says parent Amy Jepsen. “I saw the idea, and figured why not submit the photos of my cute kids? Even if they had gotten in the calendar, I would have realized it was a bad idea.” Sarah Fitzpatrick is even more upset. “I have one kid in, and one kid out,” says Fitzpatrick. “The calendar says ‘Cutest Stapleton Kids.’ Now I have to try to make sure neither kid ever sees this, or at least until they can have a sense of humor about it.” Many residents are asking that they recall the calendars, or simply not distribute any more. “We understand the frustration of some in the community,” says Kampstra. “But, we put a lot of time and money into this, so we don’t just want to flush that down the drain.” Kampstra says this will probably be the first and only issue of that calendar, however. “We realize this particular calendar has caused some anger, and moving forward, we will probably just stick to household pets.” ]]>

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