Stapleton School Choice: What Parents Really Want to Know

DPS answers questionsWith school choice coming up quickly, parents are looking for information about what they need to do, and looking for answers. The December Front Porch published an article which answered some questions regarding process, but we wanted to cover some other things parents are looking to understand. DPS worked with us to answer the following questions, and we hope the answers below are helpful. If my child has a friend going to the same school, can they be in the same class? No, and please don’t ask us again. Your child will be just fine in any class, and will actually end up with more than one friend by the end of the first week of school. If they don’t have more than one friend by the end of the first week of school, that is a parenting issue. I have lots of money. Will that help my child get their first choice in the “lottery” system? Unfortunately, no. We would love to take care of our families who have higher socioeconomic status, but the current guidelines are for neutrality when it comes to school choice. We are not saying you shouldn’t try by talking to the schools and principals, but there is nothing about money in the current selection status. If my child does not get into our first choice school, to whom do we direct angry emails and phone calls? Seriously, don’t call or email us. We have lots of stuff to do, and we are considering having an automated response on email and on the phone that re-explains what a lottery means and how the system worked, and how no one is guaranteed anything. So, do NOT contact us. Just be excited you live in a society where your child gets to go to school. My child can be a little sensitive. Will the teachers make sure to spend extra time with them and make sure other students are giving her/him the proper attention? Teachers will do their best to make sure your child isn’t getting picked on. However, remember, your student is going to be in a classroom with about 30 other kids. Hopefully, their class is lucky enough to get a para, but there are no guarantees. I would recommend having your child gain some confidence through sports, because teachers just don’t get a lot of one on one time with the students. We are new to the area, and do not know a lot of people in the community. We want our child to go to the best local school, but aren’t sure which one it is. Which school is the best? There is not an absolute “best school” in Stapleton yet. In fact, if you talked to parents from each of the schools, we are certain 100% of the parents from each school will claim that their school is the best. So, to answer the question, whichever school your child gets into will be the best school. ]]>

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