Winter Welcome Dancing Tree Goes Up in Flames During Smoke Break

DancingChristmasTreesThe 2014 Winter Welcome was fortunate to have great weather and a nice turnout. Families flocked to the town center to see the tree lighting, eat s’mores, and enjoy a beverage as they walked around to see Stapleton friends. There were also reindeer for the kids to see and free cookies if you could find the right booth. An ancillary attraction was the “dancing trees.” The trees bounced around, shaking peoples’ hands, and asking people if they were “tree huggers.” Kids seemed entertained and intrigued by the dancing trees. “My kids thought they were kind of scary,” says festival goer Christine McCoy. “They talked, which was kind of creepy, but maybe it would be more creepy if they didn’t talk. I’m just not sure.” Kaylynn Dellert agrees. “I don’t know why, but the trees kind of weirded me out this year,” says Dellert. “I did see a lot of kids running over to them, so maybe it was just my family that was somewhat put off by them.” Sarah Lehman disagrees. “I thought the trees added a lot to the festival,” says Lehman. “They looked like they were having fun, and they seemed to always be surrounded by kids trying to get a hug. So, I guess I am pro-dancing tree at the Winter Welcome.” Because of all of the attention from the hundreds of kids, the dancing trees do need to take breaks. “I mean, you are talking all the time, and trying to be happy,” says dancing tree #1 one who preferred to remain anonymous for the article. “You need a break or you are going to go crazy.” With only about a half hour left in the official festivities, the two trees decided to go on their final break. “We needed one last quick moment so we could end the evening with a bang,” said dancing tree #1. “My partner (dancing tree #2) kind of forgets what he is even there for, and goes to light up a cigarette. Before I had a chance to knock it out of his hand…well, most people know what happened next.” What happened was that dancing tree #2 shot up in flames. Parents were screaming, and kids began crying. Fearing for his own life, dancing tree #1 stayed away from dancing tree #2. “It wasn’t just about me,” says dancing tree #1. “Had I jumped on him and caught on fire, well now we have two things to worry about burning the town center down.” Some helpful citizens tried throwing their hot chocolate on Christmas tree #2, but that did little to put out the flame. Finally, a couple residents brought the tree to the ground and rolled him in the remaining snow until the fire was out. “It was pretty scary,” says dancing tree #1. “Luckily, we actually wear fire retardant suits underneath, so he was okay. Aside from the hot chocolate burns. Those may be there forever. But the fire, well, that had little affect on him.” MCA officials are not saying whether or not dancing trees will be back next year. I say, why not? They were a pretty hot item this year. ]]>

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