Forest City Waiting to Learn from Aurora’s “Mistakes”

aurora's mistakesForest City continues to drag its feet when it comes to creating a viable town center in Eastbridge. And although the layout of the 29th St. Town Center is pretty good, there is probably more retail turnover than what Forest City or residents would have expected. So, Forest City chooses to sit on the sidelines and watch as Stanley Marketplace and the Fitzsimons Campus begin to develop. “More than likely, they are going to have some pitfalls,” says Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “And, for the next five to seven years, we are going to sit back and learn from each of their mistakes. After we gather that data, we will begin to put together a plan for a viable town center. Hopefully, Stanley and Fitzsimons will have made enough mistakes that we will be able to build a town center that can compete with them.” Stapleton residents feel that strategy is awkwardly short-sighted. “What?,” Exclaimed resident Mitchell Dillingham. “Do they understand that in five years, the developments at Stanley and Fitzsimons may be so strong that a town center in Eastbridge may not be viable? It could be too late.” Many residents continue to not trust Forest City and how non-transparent their processes seem to be. “This is not believable,” says Vince O’Neil. “They are probably hoping that Stanley and Fitzsimons replace the town center, and then they can simply build some low-rent apartments to continue to help fill their quota.” Representatives from Stanley continue to move forward, with little interest in the Eastbridge Town Center. “Build it, don’t build it, it really doesn’t affect our plans,” says one of the developers Mark Shaker. “We are trying to build a quality marketplace for the Northeast Denver community, and what Forest City does is out of our control.” The folks at Fitzsimons have a similar attitude. “Honestly, that land (Eastbridge Town Center) has been barren for so long, I didn’t know there was any plans for it,” says Fitzsimons lead developer Joe Parker. “We don’t sit around staring at mirages and worry that they will affect our plans. We are in the business of making a better community over here.” Ayers feels strongly that a town center will be in place in the next decade or so. “You don’t rush into things like this,” says Ayers. “You want to gather the data, and then put yourself in the best position to succeed.” Fortunately for Stanley and Fitzsimons, Forest City has put each of them in a great place to succeed.]]>

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