Infinite Disappointment in Conservatory Green

Infinity HomesOne would think that acquiring a brand new Infinity home in Stapleton’s newest, hottest neighborhood would bring a gracious feeling of success and satisfaction to new homebuyers, but such is not the case up in Conservatory Green. Grumblings on the neighborhood Facebook page show that Infinity homebuyers are increasingly frustrated and disappointed with their trendy new homes, and contemplating drastic measures. Kate Doyle, who purchased an Infinity Haus 2, remarked upon Infinity’s inattention to detail, noting that her home inspector found a number of quality issues at a recent walk-through. “I am just so disappointed. There was white flat paint from the wall smudged onto the semi-gloss white trim in one corner of the bathroom, the color of the flowers they chose clashes with the exterior paint color that I selected, and the flames in the faux fireplace are only 3 ½ inches high, compared with the 3 ¾ inches that my neighbors have,” Doyle remarked. Other issues Doyle’s inspector found were that the gas forced-air system is audible when operating, the sprinklers splash onto the edge of the patio adjoining the grass, and there were only six types of quartz to choose from, meaning Doyle’s kitchen is not as unique as it should be. Her neighbor Steve Clark also expressed disappointment about his recent purchase of a Haus 3 in the “Lake” elevation, the most ginormous, in all senses of the word, of the Infinity models. Clark complained, “Not only did Infinity have the gall to place my home directly across the alley from a set of KB paired homes but I can literally see swaths of townhomes from my front porch. If I spend this much on a home, I expect to hobnob with similarly successful and tasteful neighbors. The alley is constantly filled with the hoi polloi and their tricycles and basketballs and stray dogs. It is very aggravating.” Clark continued to say that his trophy home also did not live up to his expectations of providing him with a sense of tallness and fuller hair. Another concern expressed on the Facebook page has to do with the perennial issue of school choice. Leslie Bidler, a Vue 2 owner, claims that Infinity told her that her children would be guaranteed entry into Swigert with the purchase of such a prestigious home, but when she contacted the school after closing, she was told she would have to enter the lottery like every other chump in Stapleton. Bidler described her feelings: “I just thought that since I was buying an Infinity, and paying all that extra money and everything, that one of the perks would be getting into my school of choice. Now I might have to go to that hippie school, what is it, Izzy B? What kind of name is that for a school? Are my children going to learn macramé and how to sing Kumbayah and stuff? I’m feeling very disillusioned right now.” Infinity buyers are contemplating drastic measures. Clark says that he is looking at properties in gated communities in Highlands Ranch, where the similarity of houses means that he can be assured “a reasonable level of economic parity” in the neighborhood. Doyle is considering selling her sub-par Infinity to purchase a custom built home on a quarter-acre in Hilltop, but she was shocked to find out the price differential and is thus weighing her options. Moving back to Boulder seems appealing to Bidler, but one of the reasons she left Boulder was to avoid their hippie schools, so she plans to take her chances in the school lottery and then figure out what’s next for her. “If Infinity would just live up to its promises and provide the level of perfection we all expect and deserve in a million-dollar, mass-produced home, then we wouldn’t be forced into these extreme remedies,” Clark stated, summing up the sentiments of many of his neighbors quite aptly. To follow the conversation, and add your own set of complaints, join the Complainatory Green Neighbors page on Facebook.]]>

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  1. The diversity of the neighborhood is why we chose the community and I hope these people move because they sound horrible! We would not want you to be forced to hob nob with us paired home owners, which by the way make a very good income and own a business (husband is a doctor). So buzz off!

  2. Sounds like Eastbridge North. Just wait till they find out that new roads will be opened up to provide easier access to Commerce City and a new King Soopers.

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