MCA to Build Chairlift At Central Park Sledding Hill

chirlift at sledding hillThe MCA has announced that they have plans to finally install a chairlift at the Central Park hill commonly used for sledding in the winter. “We have wanted to do this for years,” says MCA President Liza Kampstra. “It is something the community clearly wants, and it appears the hill is getting more and more popular for those outside of Stapleton, so we want to create a better, more structured environment.” Residents shouldn’t get too excited for 2015 sledding opportunities, however. “We plan to begin building it in April, in hopes that it will be completed by late next year, in time for the busy sledding season.” The MCA is still reviewing proposals from various lift companies, but it is expected the cost of the lift will be around $400,000, with an annual cost of $50,000 for maintenance, electricity, and employees to man the lift. “We have plenty of money, so that is not a concern,” says Kampstra. The MCA has already run the numbers on how to pay for the annual operations costs. “Some of the money will come from HOA fees. But, it will also be similar to getting a pool pass. If you live in Stapleton, you get a heavily discounted rate for your pass, but those wanting to use the lift from outside of Stapleton will have to pay $25 for a day pass. We feel sales from the lift tickets will more than account for the $50,000 a year we will need.” Kampstra says that sledders will not need a ticket to use the hill, however. “It is a public park, so we can’t charge for using the hill itself. The lift pass is simply to be able to use the chair lift. Anyone going is not going to want to trudge up and down that hill all day while they watch those with lift tickets go up that massive hill with ease.” Some residents aren’t excited for the lift project. “What an eye sore,” says resident Jim Becker. “Sure, when the ground is covered in snow, it will look great. But what about the other 350 days a year when there is no snow on the ground? It is going to be a monstrosity.” Bo Stevens agrees. “There are only maybe 20 days a year you could even go sledding there,” says Stevens. “But we are going to pay this huge figure to have a lift so that people can enjoy a handful of days of sledding. Plus, make the kids get a little exercise by walking. We are really softening our kids by this environment we are putting them in.” Kampstra says that of course there are dissenters, but overall, this is something the community wants and needs. “It is something that we feel people will be proud of and continue to draw people to our community.” Happy sledding, Stapleton. ]]>

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