Stapleton Number One Again; Ranks Highest in Preventable Crime

preventable theftStapleton continues to be at the top or near the top of every Denver ranking. However, this ranking is one we can’t brag about. In this month’s issue of the Front Porch, there is an article which discusses the problem of preventable crime in Stapleton. According to police statistics, Stapleton reports a far higher number of these types of crimes than adjacent neighborhoods. These types of crimes include theft through unlocked garages, homes, car doors, and open garages. Lieutenant Kirk McCracken of District 511 is working hard to educate residents on what they can do to limit these preventable crimes. “Man, we have posted signs, talked to community leaders, had articles in the local paper, but somehow, people aren’t listening,” says McCracken. “People of Stapleton. You live in a city. You don’t live in Ogallala, Nebraska. Furthermore, you neighbor another large US City, and the area of that city you are closest too, has the most crime. So, you need to take simple precautions to prevent crime.” McCracken says that the one thing Stapleton residents are doing, does not prevent crime. “Complaining about crime does not prevent it,” says McCracken. “You need to take actual steps to prevent crime.” McCracken goes on to say that these are not even difficult steps. “You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive security system. In fact, just lock your doors and close your garage. There, I just decreased Stapleton crime by 75%, right there. If you have time, turn your porch lights on at night, and your garage light in your alley. That may be getting greedy, but if you have the time, please do that.” McCracken says that the Denver Police Department has lots of work to do, and would love it if officers weren’t bogged down with paperwork and calls on crimes committed in open homes and vehicles. “We hope that Stapleton residents are starting to learn from neighbors mistakes and that we will stop getting so many calls from there. Lock your doors, damn it.” ]]>

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