Hackers’ Collective Uncovered at High Tech

hackersWorking with the FBI, the Denver Public Schools’ (DPS) Police Department has uncovered a hackers’ collective operating out of High Tech Elementary School in Conservatory Green. Led by a set of three second-graders, and also including students from first grade and kindergarten, the ring of hackers made use of equipment and technology resources at the school to infiltrate a number of websites and programs, including PBS Kids, Minecraft, and the DPS lunch and calendar sites, among others. Several of their members openly described their operation in an encrypted email to the Stapletonion, seeming to have no sense of the criminality of their enterprise. A second-grader, apparently named “Clownza,” noted that High Tech has “some of the most awesome, up-to-date technology available within the entire DPS system, so we thought we’d see what we could do with it. At first we just played a lot of Minecraft, but then we realized that we could totally tweak the game itself. It was rad!” “Lulzabit,” a first-grader, added, “In Mrs. Kelly’s coding class at school, she showed us how to figure out the code used on different websites. So we thought it would be fun to see if we could change the lunch menu for our school. We just went onto the DPS Nutrition Services page and found it was barely encrypted at all, so next week it’s Blackjack pizza and sugary desserts every day!” DPS, DPD, and the FBI are stymied about how to discipline the group, known as “The Gecko Squad,” given the very young age of the alleged perpetrators. Further complicating the issue is the question of how to find them, since their DPS calendar hack has left High Tech out of school for the past two weeks. Expecting next week’s menu to be a draw to the group, DPS and DPD will be at school to interview students, teachers, and parents on Wednesday, when donuts are scheduled. ]]>

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