“The Grove at Stapleton” to be Completed Just in Time for Mid-Life Divorcees

the groveThe Grove at Stapleton touts “like the olive groves of ancient Greece, The Grove at Stapleton is a place where friends, old and new, share stories of past adventures and plan exciting new ones.” Essentially, the Grove plans to be a great place for those in their mid-50’s to score some tail. Like any other community, many Stapleton families experience divorce. Most people moved to Stapleton so that they could give their children great opportunities, and therefore, a lot of people here try to be good parents. So, when a divorce happens, those involved in the separation try to stay in the neighborhood. “When my wife and I got divorced, I moved to a different borough,” says Stapleton dad Adam Johnson. “I wanted to stay near my kids, and not have us traveling all over the place just to drop them off. But, it is obviously tough being a single dad living in Stapleton. First, chicks don’t dig it, and secondly, I prefer to not have my neighbors see the swinging single dad hanging out with the young ladies all the time.” Molly Bidler has had the same experience. “We both stayed in Stapleton so we could support our kids,” says Bidler. “I am single, but I still feel married living out here. I am online dating, but usually right when I say ‘Stapleton’ the potential relationship is dead in the water.” Divorced Stapleton residents are hoping the Grove is a solution to that problem. “When you were in college, co-ed dorms were the best,” said Eric Hansen. You had all you needed just two floors up. You could meet chicks in the laundry room, or the commons area. Isn’t that what this will be like?” Brittni Whiteman likes the simplicity of meeting someone while working out in the workout facility. “Everyone there will be similar in age with similar interests,” says Whiteman. “It will be like shooting fish in a barrel. Fish in a barrell.” The Grove is so attractive to Stapleton residents, many married people who aren’t even in their fifties are already purchasing property at the Grove. “I am pretty sure my wife is going to divorce me after the kids leave,” says Jim Zimmerman. “So, why would I miss out on all of that fun by not investing now? Plus, if she doesn’t divorce me, we can actually use it as a place for our parents to stay when they visit.” Some residents are so enticed by the Grove, they are lobbying Forest City to have it be a “40 and older” residence. “I absolutely lied on my application and said I was 55,” said Donald Sauer. “But I am strongly hoping they let in 40 year olds. That place will be easier than the Trampede.” ]]>

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