All Public Schools to be Located in Stapleton by 2024

all schools moving to StapletonIn a recent report, it was mentioned that Stapleton may need more seats, which would be accommodated by adding more space to existing schools, or quite possibly, building another new school. “I know it seems like we keep building schools in Stapleton,” said DPS Board Member Amber Jones. “But, people out there keep having kids. So, they have to go to school somewhere.” Jones said the conversation began by simply discussing the shortfall in seats based on the number of kids coming through the system. “We began by simply looking at the numbers and trying to understand whether or not the existing school system out there would be enough. We quickly realized it would not.” After debating about how many schools would be needed, the discussion took a more drastic turn. “Some people asked the question, ‘could we move all Denver Public Schools to Stapleton?’ It was an interesting question, so we really started looking at what that would take, and what it would look like.” Jones says that the Stapleton schools are performing much better than many other Denver Public Schools, so maybe the Stapleton location is the key. “We understand that this is a big project to tackle, so we are going to move slow and do it right,” said Jones. “There are roughly 90 Denver Elementary schools, so we would need to streamline that a bit. Plus, 50 high schools, so we would have to work on that number as well.” Jones says that school officials believe the move will make the most sense, and there are very few future implications of having all public schools located in one small area of the city. “You know, it seems to be working,” said Jones. “A lot of times you need to go with what works.” DPS says they expect to have a consolidation plan laid out by late summer, and all schools will be migrated to Stapleton by Fall of 2024. ]]>

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