Central Park Sledding Hill Shuts Down After Stapleton Boy Reports Scrape

sledding hill shut downUntil further notice, the Central Park Sledding hill has been shut down after it was reported a Stapleton boy received a minor scratch on his right upper arm. “We knew at some point this could happen,” said MCA President Liza Kampstra. “Of course, there have been several injuries at the hill, but it was always outsiders, or the injuries were not reported. Now that we have somewhat confirmed that a Stapleton child has been injured, we are shutting the hill down, pending further investigation.” Kampstra says that there are hills around Central Park still available for sledding, just not the one where the injury was reported. “The hills right behind the playground to the East are still available to sledders,” says Kampstra. “Just not the fast ones that people have become accustomed to.” Kampstra says that that the hill will eventually be reopened, but only after “every stone is unturned” as to how the injury occurred. “It’s one thing when these kids from other neighborhoods get hurt,” says Kampstra. “Those kids are rowdy and disrespectful, and are bound to get hurt. But, if we have a perfect Stapleton kid reporting an injury, that’s a problem.” Kampstra says that they will look into many things to help with the potential injury situations. “We will add extra security and paramedics,” says Kampstra. “We may add more padding, or pad more areas of the hill. It may take some landscaping so that there are simply predefined tracks to sled down instead of the mayhem we have now.” Resident Rob Crawford feels the closure is unnecessary. “People are going to experience minor injuries in things like this,” says Crawford. “I mean, you can’t keep your kids in a bubble.” Seth Fisher agrees. “Unless a kid is getting impaled, you can’t close that thing,” says Fisher. “I mean, there are only 5-7 decent sledding days a year. Don’t take that from us.” There is no timeline set for the hill to reopen, but Kampstra says they expect the hill to be open as early as late March. ]]>

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