Chuck E. Cheese Files Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Stapleton Soopers

new-stapleton-soopers-logoThe Stapleton King Soopers recently added to the classic King Soopers logo in an attempt to create its own unique identity, apart from the rest of the 143 King Soopers/City Market stores. “We had a recent situation where there was a report of mice and or mouse running wild in our store,” said Stapleton Soopers manager Gary Stevens. “We are just trying to capitalize on that momentum, and changing the logo up was the easiest thing we could do.” The new logo features a mouse next to the Soopers logo, but according to Chuck E. Cheese attorney Dan McCoy, the logo is eerily similar to the classic Chuck E. Cheese logo. “It is clear that the Stapleton Soopers has stolen our patented Chuck E. Cheese mouse to aid their image,” said McCoy. “Clearly, having our great pizza and image mixed up with that of the Stapleton Soopers is going to hurt us in the long run. We have asked them to remove the mouse immediately, or we will sue for punitive damages.” McCoy says that the damage to the Chuck E. Cheese brand being tainted by Soopers is estimated to be between five and ten million dollars. Manager Gary Stevens does not see things that way. “Our mouse is way different,” says Stevens. “We have an “S” instead of a “C”, and I think there are other differences. We are pretty adamant at this point that we are sticking with our guns. We can’t let silly frivolous lawsuits hurt our successful business model. We will obviously let the courts decide, but we are focusing on continuing to be a better store, and not worried about this.” McCoy has a differing view. “We have a lot of confidence we will prevail in our lawsuit,” says McCoy. “Our hope is that Chuck E. Cheese will again be the representative of only one company instead of two.” McCoy says that an injunction on the logo could be enforced as soon as early March, but until then, the Stapleton Soopers will be free to flaunt their “new” logo. ]]>

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