Fifty Shades of Grey; Forest City, Soopers Unable to Give Eastbridge Town Center Any Sex Appeal

new king soopers plansThe Eastbridge Town Center issue continues to loom large, especially with Eastbridge residents. Recently, architectural plans were released for the new King Soopers, as well as a layout for the new town center. To say the least, residents were uninspired. “It is literally sheet metal and brick,” says resident Sam Elijah. “There has been nothing done to personalize the feel of the store or the town center. It’s like they just grabbed a bunch of strip mall designs, threw them in a box, and drew one out lottery style. This is the same old same old with no imagination.” It may be true that the designs seem colder than the Northeastern winter, but designers say not much can be done with the designs. “That’s just architecture,” says designer Ryan Glynn. “Many of the world’s most beautiful buildings probably didn’t look that great in the design stage on paper. You are not coloring a picture, you are trying to create a structure that will fill its purpose and not collapse. So, it is a lot of math and science that goes into the designs, so they often aren’t going to look sexy.” Resident Jenny Bearbower disagrees. “I have seen a lot of different architectural renderings and these are potentially the ugliest designs I have ever seen,” says Beerbower. “There is absolutely nothing unique about the designs of either the King Soopers building or the layout of the Town Center. Just a big box building with a giant parking lot. And you’re not fooling me with the trees.” Darla Elmore also feels more could be done with the layout. “It just seems very unimaginative,” says Elmore. “About anyone could have come up with that simple, thoughtless design. And if you were designing the King Soopers structure, you just had to go copy the other King Soopers. There doesn’t seem to be much different.” Designers are adamant that the finished product will look better than how it appears on paper. “Once it becomes a finished product, you will be able to see and understand the beauty in an architect’s design,” says Glynn. “People need to be patient and understand that they are not architects, and therefore, let the architects just do our wonderful work.” Of course, residents can sleep easy, as it is unclear if a contract has even been signed by Soopers and Forest City. And for a lot of residents, the hate of the building design is as simple as looking at the logo on the building. ]]>

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