Forest City Looking For Graffiti Artists to Decorate Tower

graffiti the towerWith nothing currently in the works for the abandoned control tower, Forest City has decided that the best course of action is to turn the current eyesore into a big piece of art. “We are looking for legitimate graffiti artists, no gangsters, to create a unique design or designs on the tower,” said Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “Since there is absolutely no momentum for something to be done with the tower or the area, we can at least turn it into a piece of art.” The four story tower would present an exciting challenge to any graffiti artist, according to Ayers. “This type of an opportunity does not come along often,” says Ayers. “Some promising young graffiti artist could make this their life’s work.” Ayers says that Forest City will interview artists or teams of artists and look for several qualities in the concept. “We are looking for designs that embody the past, present, and future of the great Stapleton community,” says Ayers. “We want artists with the vision that Forest City developers had when they first saw the great opportunity that Stapleton was and is.” Forest City is hoping they can find their artist by late March so that work can get underway as soon as April. “We are not putting a deadline on the work. That is up to the artist. And frankly, it doesn’t matter, considering the tower isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.” Resident Randy Mason likes the idea. “You know what, it’s really not that bad of an idea,” says Mason. “It would add some color to the neighborhood and at the same time keep the tower here. I like the idea of keeping the tower, but not in its current state of abandonment.” Dana Carman agrees. “I don’t like to agree with Forest City,” says Carman. “But they might be on to something here. Most people understand the financial challenge of keeping the tower similar to its current state and renovating it. It is a huge cost, so convincing anyone to spend that money and be able to make it back, is a big challenge.” Ayers says that Forest City will pay for all supplies and lifts needed to complete the project as well as a $200,000 stipend. “We are willing to look globally for our artists,” says Ayers. “Obviously, local is better, but we want to find the best.” To apply, artists should go to, fill out the application, and Forest City will select some of the applicants to be interviewed. “This should be a really cool project, and we are looking forward to it,” says Ayers.]]>

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