Parents Prepare for Summer As School Year is “Basically Over”

Stapleton Parents are already working to find summer camps and nannies as summer rapidly approaches. “I was looking at the DPS calendar, and kids are off over 15% of weekdays between now and the end of the school year,” said Stapleton mom Brooke Corkery. “Plus, kids will have sick days, snow days, and then there’s basically the whole month of May where everyone has given up. So, we need to start getting ready for summer now. It’s right around the corner.” DPS Schools do not officially end until May 31st, six months away, but to most, it feels a lot closer than that. “There’s winter break coming up, and that takes almost all of December,” said parent Tanya Bowsen. “Then, we miss a couple Fridays during ski season, so that’s gone. All of the sudden, it will be spring break, and we are basically done.” Parents are already making sure to get kids signed up for camps. “You have to sign up early or the kids will get left out,” said Diane Mayer. “It’s frustrating, but we are already running into camps which are filled up.” Whether you like it or not, summer is here. Basically. ]]>

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