Residents Begin Asking, “What The Hell is That Green Bike Doing Here?”

In Stapleton, we are used to bikes being taken. But lately, it seems bikes are being left. Like, everywhere. “I was driving by that climbing park on 26th, and there was this bike parked right on the sidewalk,” said Eastbridge resident Greg Zinn. “What the hell was it doing there? No one was around, and it was parked on the sidewalk.” Kevin Hansen has noticed the same thing. “I saw two bikes randomly parked at the pocket park near our place,” said Hansen. “Very strange. I can’t believe no one has stolen those things. They weren’t locked, hidden, or anything.” The bikes are being seen all over Stapleton. “I am seeing these things everywhere,” said Nicole Morgan. “Where are they coming from and what are they for? How soon before I just have a green bike parked in front of my house?” Turns out, the bikes are right where they are supposed to, which is wherever the previous rider wants to leave them. The LimeBikes are dockless bikes which can be left anywhere, and people can use an app to rent them by the hour. “It’s pretty cool what they’re trying to do,” said resident Karl Greve. “But I’m not sure I want to see these things just sitting around everywhere. I hear they want to add a lot more of these.” Some residents are worried about how people will be using them. “Any chance thieves will be using them for an easy exit out of Staplehood?” asked a concerned Kristi Morgan. “It seems that it may be one way for criminals to get in and out of here easily with our stuff. It even has a basket.” It’s too early to tell if the bikes will be effective or if they will be used for questionable activity, but get used to them being around. They will be everywhere. ]]>

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