Who’s Who of Stapleton Walk Red Carpet at Punch Bowl Social Opening

Stapleton’s Punch Bowl Social opened last weekend and residents all over Stapleton made sure you knew they had tickets to the opening. Social media was filled with photos and comments from those who were able to get the hardest ticket in town. “I have a friend who is friends with someone who knows the owner,” said local big shot Sam Jepsen. “When I found out I got to go the opening, I just couldn’t believe it. It’s a once in a lifetime event. I know a lot of people don’t know people like I do, so I felt bad for them. But man, it was cool.” Kelly Runchey was also able to snag some tickets for the opening night. “It was such a special experience,” said Runchey. “People were there from all over Stapleton. People I have seen at the Farmer’s Market, or Stanley, and other places. And there they were. Right there at Punch Bowl Social. I immediately asked to take some pictures with some of them so I could post them on Facebook.” Resident Molly Crawford was in awe of the entire experience. “When I found out I had tickets, I almost started crying,” said Crawford. “I mean, what an incredible, amazing, life experience. I saw some of my neighbors there along with some parents from my kids’ school. If you were somebody, you were at the Punch Bowl Social.” Party-goers took time to take lots of pictures and immediately post them on Facebook so others would know how important they were. “I wanted to make sure people knew I got to go to the opening of a kind of chain restaurant,” said resident Jessica Davis. “People need to know that I’m part of the Stapleton scene, which means everything. You’re either part of it, or fighting to get in to it.” “I didn’t even get to see that much of the restaurant,” said Ryan Ambrose. “I was stuck staring at all the Stapleton royalty there. I mean everybody, if you were somebody, was there. It was pretty great. Of the most life changing experiences I have had, it would be my kids being born, than this.” It’s hard to say if Punch Bowl Social will continue to deliver this kind of mania from week to week. But, for this one weekend, customers were awed, if not only by themselves. *This writer, nor any writers from The Stapletonion staff, were invited to the opening of Stapleton Punch Bowl Social.]]>

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