Central Park Exchange Having Limited Impact on Northfield Businesses

Prior to the construction of the new Central Park Blvd. exit on I-70, Northfield Businesses were optimistic that the new exit would draw more shoppers. That optimism has now faded, as drivers and shoppers continue to pass on by leaving the Northfield Mall unaffected by the new interchange. “We had really hoped to see a spike in business,” said Claire’s Boutique Owner Sandy Stevens. “Unfortunately, all we see are cars driving right through these annoying turnabouts on their way to Target. The Shops at Northfield Stapleton have long struggled with their identity in regards to the core Stapleton resident. “I will do some shopping there for Christmas,” says Stapleton resident Sarah Wolfe. “But most of the fashions at the stores just aren’t my style.” Brand image is something that the shops at Northfield have wrestled with mightily over the years, as they continue to struggle with which market they are going after. Northfield business owners are trying to regain some optimism as the exchange has just recently opened. “We hope the buzz about the exchange starts to draw more customers,” says Buckle manager Blake Williams. Northfield has been working on a new marketing campaign in an attempt to drive more business. Northfield Marketing Manager Jody Graham explains.  “We want to capitalize on the new ease of getting here. One of the things we will be running shortly is a campaign that states, ‘The Shops at Northfield: Now Three Minutes Closer.’ Another thing we are working on is reminding people of the diverse stores we have to offer through our ‘Northfield. A lot more than a Bass Pro Shop, a Target and a Movie Theatre.’ So, we are hoping for the best from these. Residents can expect to see a lot more advertising by the Central Park exit encouraging residents to stop off and shop the diverse shops in Northfield.]]>

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