Parsons Construction “Thank You” Sign Not Coming Off As Sincere

Parsons Construction is handling the construction on 29th and Central Park Blvd. where a lot of changes are being made including tearing up the area to make way for stop lights. Drivers have been slightly inconvenienced because they have had to slow down a little, and have been forced to pay attention to the road instead of their phones. Runners have had to cross over from the median and run on the sidewalk for a few blocks until they could get back on the trail on 29th Street. Parsons won the bid from the city and we are assured they are doing their best. The road work itself has not angered residents so much as the sign at the end of the construction project which appears to be thanking Stapleton residents. Jim Farrell is confused as to what the sign is implying. “Why are they thanking us,” asks Farrell. “We did not award them the contract. The residents didn’t vote for the project. Are they expecting a “your welcome” when we drive by?  I just don’t get it.” Parsons CEO Luke Carman says that the sign is pretty standard, and is used typically in high-speed high traffic areas where people are asked to slow down.  “I’m not sure why we went with that sign there,” says Carman. “We probably didn’t come up with anything good in brain-storming sessions, and also didn’t want to have a new sign made.” The sign continues to befuddle residents that drive, ride, run, or walk by. “What is the phone number for,” asks resident Greg Halsor. “Should I text a “your welcome” to that number? Is it their way of asking us to thank them? ‘Oh, no, Parsons, thank YOU.’ It simply doesn’t make sense.” Residents have been asked to simply ignore the sign and not think too much into it. That is not good enough for resident Jeff Jones. “That sign is going to be gone, one way or the other,” says Jones. “Whether we convince them to remove it, or me and some drunken buddies remove it ourselves, it is coming down.”  Parsons may want to consider changing the verbiage on the sign to “Thank you for not removing this sign.”]]>

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  1. I didn’t realize until just now that the city had decided to install stop lights at that intersection. I had assumed they would install traffic signals with the full compliment of red, yellow and green lights, but this is much better.
    With only stop lights the city has solved the problem of all those Aurora people using CPB as an extension of I-70 to Montview Blvd. Forget trying to get the speeds down to 30 mph when zero mph is much better. Let ’em idle for a few hours and I bet those folks will decide to take Peoria instead.
    Kudos to Denver’s traffic engineers for such a creative solution.
    And “you’re welcome.”

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