Stapleton HOA’s to Crack Down on Non-Compliant Holiday Decor

Stapleton HOAs have been extremely lenient since the inception of the committee at the beginning of the Stapleton Community. Residents have been allowed to own farm animals, build gazebos, have high fences, paint the trim on their houses, and even park motor homes in front of their homes for extended periods of time. All of this with the HOAs looking the other way. Not anymore, says new HOA president Kate Weber. “The HOA has been ignoring issues in Stapleton for far too long now,” says Weber. “The holiday season is the perfect time to start enforcing our rules. If we don’t have rules, the next thing you know people will have their cars up on blocks and we will look like a bunch of Missourians.” The Stapleton HOA handbook is about 1300 pages, and is organized by infraction types such as animals, paint, noise, vehicles, and yes, there is a Christmas section. “We are not trying to put a damper on the holidays,” says Weber. “We simply want people to decorate their homes in a way that will not offend anyone.” For a full list of holiday decorating rules, contact your block captain. Here are some of the key items:

  • No colored lights outside of your home. Stapleton is a classy community, and only white lights should be used.
  • No manger scenes. Although we all can agree there was a Jesus, his historical significance can hardly be agreed upon by all residents.
  • No reindeer without antlers. All of Santas reindeer are males, and therefore, should be depicted accurately.
  • No oversized outdoor bulbs.
  • No lights on trees that have a diameter of less than nine inches.
  • You must choose between flashing and non-flashing holiday lights. You may not have both.
  • If your neighbors on either side of you put up lights, you must as well.

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