Parents Want to Know SMIS CSAP scores Before They Happen

In a very proactive move, parents whose children will attend SMIS next year have demanded student test results. Problem is, these tests have yet to take place. New Principal Vogel is struggling with the request. “We want to be supportive of the parents and work with them,” said Vogel, “however, there is really no way to predict how well children will perform on tests that they have yet to be subjected to.”

Penny Ozinga, the leader of the parent organization disagrees. “We think they can do a lot more to work with us. Essentially, we are looking for a promise of high scores. It’s not that hard.” Children will be taking the tests in late November, but those results are way too late for most parents. “Right now, we are committed to SMIS,” says Sean O’Neil whose daughter will attend SMIS next year. “But, I would love to know the type of scores they are going to get this fall. If they are going to be low, I will pull her right now and send her to one of the 30 charter schools in the area.”

Principal Vogel is hoping common sense will prevail in this heated situation, but according to other area teachers and principals, it doesn’t look good. “From my understanding, the best way to make it as an educator in this community is to simply promise everything to everyone, and just deal with it later,” says Vogel. It appears this November will be a very critical time for this new school.


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